duplicity - Backblaze

Configure to backup to backblaze as well as other cloud services (parallel).

3 min read

Contributing to Open Source

Why I got into contributing to open source, what I get back from contributing, and how you can get started too.

5 min read

duplicity - multi-site backup

Configure duplicity to backup to multiple remote sites at once using the multi backend handler.

5 min read

dupicity backup - Dropbox

Setting up and configuring duplicity and with Dropbox, step by step.

5 min read

New Notebook

My route to choose a new Notebook, considerations and decision criteria

4 min read


Check if shell-script is runing with root permissions (or with sudo)

Some scripts need to run as root (iptables for temporary rules, installer scripts, …). A quick way to check if the shell-script is running as root or with sudo (sudo should be the preferred way) is as follows. if [ ! ${EUID} -eq 0 ]; then echo "Please run as root or with sudo" exit fi this has been tested tested on debian-based and arch-linux, but should also work on most other linux derivates.

1 min read

Using App.xaml in .dll-assembly

I’m currently working on a wpf-application cooperating with another company. We have only part of the sourcecode and therefore only compile a few .dll’s, the main executable however get’s shipped to us as finished product. The application uses style-files that get loaded at startup by the main application from files in a specific folder, therefore we faced a the problem that these styles don’t get applied at design-time, but only at runtime.

3 min read

hello world

I’ve been thinking long about starting a blog and finally decided to just try and start one. I can’t promise I’ll be posting regularily - however I’ll try to post whenever i have something new or exciting to write about. Most of my interrests are around tech, so the content will be mostly tech. We’ll see where this brings me. so long, Matthias

1 min read