Security considerations while blogging

Blogging about the blog/server-setup is a fairly difficult topic for me.

On one side, I’d like to share how i set things up so others can get started easily (and hopefully rather securely), while on the other side, I fear that going into too much depth will open up my site / infrastructure to attacks as this simplifies information gathering. I would not want to deliver my site to attackers on a silver plate - at least have them work for the informations. In the end, most bad guys are financially motivated - once the cost of attack is higher than the benefit, most will look for easier targets.

how I will handle it in this blog

I will try to keep the balance (sharing as much as possible, without exposing all details). Decisions about which details i will write about, and which i will only touch slightly will be made case by case (or post by post-basis).

I’ll also keep it as transparent as possible if all details are posted or not.

I hope my posts will still help some people get started securely.

cheers Matthias

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