duplicity backup - going cloud

In the upcomming parts, we will configure the duplicity-backup.sh script for different cloud services. Also, we will be using the “multi”-plugin to setup backups to multiple different servers. Personally, i would never backup to a cloud-server unencrypted - so duplicity helps by encrypting locally before uploading to the different cloud services.

I will split the posts per cloud service, so there is some order (most people will probably be interrested in only a few services). There will be one part per cloud service to keep some order. I will update this post with links to the “duplicity cloud service” posts.

In the first part, we setup our GPG keys to encrypt backups. In the second part, we looked at remote backups using sftp, scheduling and wrote a quick script for the backup. The third part covered an open source script, which made setting up different options very easy as it has an example configuration which only requires minor modifications.

Posts in this series

This post is regularily updated once new parts in this series are posted.

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