Contributing to Open Source

Why I got into contributing to open source, what I get back from contributing, and how you can get started too.

5 min read


Check if shell-script is runing with root permissions (or with sudo)

Some scripts need to run as root (iptables for temporary rules, installer scripts, …). A quick way to check if the shell-script is running as root or with sudo (sudo should be the preferred way) is as follows. if [ ! ${EUID} -eq 0 ]; then echo "Please run as root or with sudo" exit fi this has been tested tested on debian-based and arch-linux, but should also work on most other linux derivates.

1 min read

Using App.xaml in .dll-assembly

I’m currently working on a wpf-application cooperating with another company. We have only part of the sourcecode and therefore only compile a few .dll’s, the main executable however get’s shipped to us as finished product. The application uses style-files that get loaded at startup by the main application from files in a specific folder, therefore we faced a the problem that these styles don’t get applied at design-time, but only at runtime.

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